Hey guys!

Yes we had a Steam-Punk wedding and couldn't be happier about it! With the help of many friends and family we pulled off the entire DIY wedding of our dreams. It was our special day and we LOVED it.  When we look back we both say we would not change a thing. We stayed true to what we wanted out of a celebration of US. So we ate tacos and drank Mexican Cokes, I designed and made my dress and wore the boots I loved, our guests were serenaded by an accordion for no other reason than our friend played and we thought it was incredible. Everyone dressed up and we made our exit on a motorcycle because that is what our parents did. My point is that we are detail oriented people who want to encourage you to make your Wedding or lifestyle portraits true to yourselves. You will be happy you did.  Every so often we take out our album and watch our highlight video and replay the day over and over realizing that those are the moments we are left with to cherish. Those are the things we will show our children and our children's children (hopefully). When the dust settles and life starts together, time moves fast. A little too fast. And we would be so honored to be a part of celebrating you and your family. 

Honestly, we love weddings, creating art,  and we love people (we just so happen to be great with a camera too). 

Send us a message. And in case you were wondering YES we will travel!! 

Dante + Angie